Live Oral Presentation in person as part of Local State based Program AFSS Conference 2020

Sailing the Ark: Talking crisis communications and dead fish (#51)

Rosy Lone 1
  1. NSW DPI Fisheries, Calala, Gomeroi Country, NSW, Australia

Fish communities on both sides of the divide have been placed under extreme pressure in recent years from persistent drought and record low inflows. After the catastrophic fish kills at Menindee in 2018/19 captured global attention, the NSW Government sought to confront the worsening conditions during the past 2019/20 summer, by establishing the Native Fish Drought Response program. Communications and public information formed a vital part of the emergency response team. We’ll consider the elements of engaging with stakeholders and the public through the establishment of the metaphorical “ark” and consider what lessons we can take as we continue to manage communications and engagement through the extreme events affecting our native fish.