Jenny Davis AFSS Conference 2020

Jenny Davis

Professor Jenny Davis is a Co-Director of the Research Institute for Environment & Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University, NT, Australia. She contributes to wetland science and management as a researcher, a university teacher, a PhD supervisor and as a member of local, regional and national committees and INTECOL’s Wetlands Working Group. She has advanced the understanding of wetland patterns and processes through research on globally challenging issues, including wetland loss, hydrological change, eutrophication and salinization. Jenny has published over 200 works, including scientific papers, books, technical reports and popular articles, and received the Australian Limnology Medal for excellence in freshwater science in 2006. Her current research focuses on groundwater-dependent waterbodies in arid, semi-arid and wet/dry tropical regions and the processes that support the persistence of aquatic refugia and biodiversity hotspots.

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