Mariah D Millington AFSS Conference 2020

Mariah D Millington

Mariah is a PhD candidate at Griffith University in the Australian Rivers Institute, working with Dr. Stephen (Harry) Balcombe and Dr. Bonnie Holmes. With an interest in the role of invasive species in shaping freshwater ecosystems, Mariah's research project focuses on the ornamental industry as leading invaders in Australian waterways. The industry is not well studied or understood, especially in Queensland, and aquarium fish are 'silently' invading many freshwater ecosystems around the world. Mariah will be studying a broad suite of issues associated with exotic fish in Australian freshwater systems, including a review and update of risk assessments on grey-listed fish, and what factors drive fish owners to release their unwanted pets into our waterways. Obtaining a better understanding of the industry, including illegal and unregulated trade, and the species involved in Queensland will be at the forefront of her PhD research, and her findings from this will be presented at the upcoming conference.

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